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Our team has thorough experience in representing both creditors and debtors in negotiations on trade receivables, enforcement of judgments and participation in insolvency proceedings. The firm offers advice on a wide range of issues related to the issues of bankruptcy and debt collection. Our legal services cover the following:

Protection of creditors’ rights

  1. Consultations on securing the creditors’ claims;
  2. Elaboration of the necessary documents related to the representation of creditors involved in bankruptcy proceedings;
  3. Consultation and participation in negotiations in order to repay the debt without starting the bankruptcy proceedings;
  4. Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, including representation before the committee of creditors;
  5. Advising companies in their capacity of creditors on realization of their securities;

Consulting companies in an insolvency procedure

  1. Consulting debtors about their rights and duties within the insolvency proceedings;
  2. Representation before court in insolvency proceedings;
  3. Assistance in discussing and drafting reorganization and transformation plans;
  4. Assistance in negotiations and drafting agreements regarding debt restructuring;
  5. Restructuring of the company;
  6. Full legal due diligence of the insolvent company;