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Corporate Law

As a law firm specialized in consulting companies, we offer competent advice on the establishment of legal entities and opening new affiliates, obtaining permits and licenses, transformation and restructuring, sale of shares, stocks and property, joint ventures, resolving internal disputes and dissolution of companies. The consultations cover the following:

  1. Establishment and registration

  2. Choice of a legal form;
  3. Elaboration of the documents necessary for the registration of a company under the Bulgarian law;
  4. Registration in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency;
  5. Opening of affiliates of the company;
  1. Transformation and restructuring

  2. Change of the legal form;
  3. Mergers, acquisitions and secessions;
  4. Joint ventures;
  1. Company functioning and internal disputes

  2. Meetings of governing bodies;
  3. Disputes and appeals against decisions of the governing bodies;
  4. Defending the shareholders’ interest before court;
  5. Obtaining permits and licenses;
  1. Equity and assets transactions

  2. Transfer of company shares;
  3. Transfer of enterprises;
  4. Transfer of company assets;
  1. Dissolution of companies

  2. Winding-up of legal entities, affiliates or representative offices;
  3. Insolvency;

The firm has thorough experience in consulting non-profit legal entities – associations and foundations.